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Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
Presidente Perú
Nacido en: 1938 Lima, Perú
Hijos: 4
  • Annual: MXN 819,889.00
  • Mensual: MXN 68,324.00
  • Semanal: MXN 15,767.00
  • Diario: MXN 2,246.00
Reuters Oct. 2016: Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a former investment banker who reported earning $700,000 per year before taking office in July, faced a wave of criticism on Friday for complaining about his salary as a public official. The president of Peru earns 15,600 soles ($4,588) per month ( 187,200 soles a year) before taxes.
Text: Reuters
Text: Wikipedia
Actualización: 2016-10
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